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Find out what surgeons and trainees are looking for

Trainees are tested and challenged to ensure they have a complete understanding of the subject you require. Therefore, you can use the Academy to prepare trainees for surgery and test them to find out if they are ready to participate in your team.

As a result, they are better able to perform and improve in the operating theatre.

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Leverage the best of the Incision Academy

       Courses on surgical skills, medical devices, procedures, and anatomy

       400+ courses on surgical procedures including 2D and 3D films

       Proven step by step methodology 

       Interactive 3D anatomy models

       Tests and automated certification

       Supervisor dashboard


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Are you testing your trainees? 

“I was tired of being in the operating room teaching people. I think that is a mistake. You need be taught beforehand, some level of expertise so that they understand; that breast flap on the mastectomy is going to be about 1 cm of thickness. And it’s going make a line just above the breast tissue, and how do you find that line, and how do you create tension, and counter tension, or traction, or counter traction."


David R. Farley
During his career at Mayo Clinic, Professor David R. Farley has taught and trained more than 300 general surgery residents. He made his own test called the "Farley test" to find out whether trainees were ready to participate in his team. 

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