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Support your students/OR team with training and help them develop the competencies and skills required for working in the operating room.
 Accredited, video-based education and training
  Interactive 3D anatomy
  Test certification

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We partner with leading clinics, societies and hospitals around the world to deliver the most accurate and high quality content. Content is delivered through an online, video-based academy, designed to give everyone access to the best surgical education available.

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Watch the product demo video below or check out one of our customized programs:

Operating Department Practice Program  – Aligns with the curriculum set out by the College of Operating Department Practitioners (CODP) 

Surgical Technology Program  – Aligns with the curriculum set out by the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST)

First Assistant Program – Aligns with the Fourth Edition of the ASA (Association of Surgical Assistants) Core Curriculum

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Anyone involved in surgical training and education:

- Nurse educators
- Head of Nursing
- Surgical tutors
- Surgical Services Directors 
- OR managers
- Training Coordinators
- Course Leaders

If you’re looking source reliable, high-quality and up-to-date resources, and ensure students/trainees are engaging effectively with the learning materials you provide, this demo is for you.



David Lawson, Senior Lecturer

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"Before we started to use the software, we really relied on either searching and trying to find YouTube videos or manufacturers videos to explain in more detail as we found that reading and watching explains and covers a wider pedagogical need for many students when studying.

For several of our learners they felt that the software helped them look at a particular operation or procedure, and as it was broken down it clarified each stage of the procedure stopped and paused giving the anatomical names of the body.

For anyone beginning to work in operating theatres, whether they be a ODP or Nurse or a junior Doctor, this package is excellent and very informative. It not only discusses the different speciality and procedures, but it also examines the environment of theatres and how to set up and anaesthetics covering airways."


  450+ surgical procedures
  150+ anesthesia and perioperative care courses
  Step by step learning
  Interactive 3D anatomy 
  Tests and certification
  Supervisor dashboard to measure and track competence 
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